About HSG Catering

Since the inception our largest focus has been on providing tour catering for concert tours, providing catering for domestic television shows and pay-per-views including WrestleMania.

HSG is led by Robert Schneeberger, an industry veteran. His restaurant and catering experience began 40 years ago as a chef/manager with Marriott Hotels. Five years later, he and a partner started a catering and restaurant business. During that time, he opened five banquet facilities and three restaurants including a full service Italian restaurant, a 300-seat sports bar and grill and a casual restaurant.

Mr. Schneeberger also developed the backstage catering business division, which included the Backstage and Suite Catering at the New World Music Theater, backstage catering at Allstate Arena, Poplar Creek Music Theatre, and Alpine Valley Music Theatre and Rosemont Theatre. In 2004, Mr. Schneeberger sold his interest in the company and started HSG Catering Inc.


We understand that catering is an important part of life on the road. It is our job and duty to provide well-cooked and flavorful items. Each item that is prepared must be well flavored and also well presented. We purchase our food from major industry suppliers as well as local specialty markets. We have accounts set up in every major city – the same suppliers to the top restaurants and hotels. Our deliveries are made directly to the venues in refrigerated commercial trucks.
By purchasing directly from suppliers it allows us to have consistency in the products used, allows us to have access to unique items and better food cost control. We know ahead of time of what products are available versus being at the mercy of the local grocery store. We also have contracted delivery times to help prevent delays. By utilizing the purchase power we have with our suppliers we are assured of getting the best quality products and service.

We take pride in the fact that our soups and sauces are homemade. A wide arrangement of choices for each meal period is important. From fresh salad bars, composition salads, live action stations to tremendous desserts. We are also aware of different dietary needs and want to make sure everyone is taken care of. We cater to Keto, Paleo, South Beach, Zone, Macrobiotic as well as Vegan diets and medical needs. We make sure each person is taken care of, and we use our expertise to help individuals requiring special dietary needs. We can provide a juicer and blender station each day. This allows for healthy and energized drinks – we always receive a lot of positive feedback on this one!

We are always encouraging feedback from the crew and we love receiving input on menu selections! Since we make all our items and are well versed in all sorts of ethnic cooking, we like to get to learn people’s favorite dishes. Often someone will say, “Hey I really like  . . . ” and the next show it’s on the menu!


Presentation is key for us with lots of greenery, multi levels and backdrops. At dinnertime,the lights are dimmed and the transformation takes place. We use special lighting to quickly change the feel of the room to more of an intimate dining experience. The equipment we use for food items is not only functional but also attractive. From roll top chafing dishes to display risers. All our tables are covered with spandex bottoms, and we carry an assortment of table linens to change the look of the room on a daily basis. We have colors from zebra, to floral, to hippie styles. We use real china and quality heavy weight silverware with every meal, and to-go boxes are available for the people on the run. We constantly monitor the buffet and make sure it is kept clean. We clear and bus the dining tables and offer a general restaurant atmosphere at each and every show.

Breakfast: beside the fresh bakery breads, we offer an omelet station with whole eggs and egg whites, a second entrée such as pancakes, French toast or perhaps cheese blintzes, crisp bacon, sausage or grilled ham steaks and breakfast potatoes. We also offer a grab and go type item for the crew member who needs something quick to take with them.

Lunch: We offer a homemade soup daily, a multi-item salad bar to include different compound salads, fresh salad greens, Caesar salad, executive deli platter with chicken, egg and tuna salad, panini grill, peanut butter and jelly, two hot entrees and appropriate sides. Fresh baked cookies or desserts bars and ice-cream.

Dinner: Homemade soup Du Jour, multi item salad bar with compound salads, fresh salad greens, three entrée buffet with one entrée a pasta, fresh vegetables, starch, fresh bakery bread station, ice-cream sundae bar and delicious, homemade bakery desserts.
We like to mix in live action stations from stir-fry, to pasta, to carving stations.

We keep all leftover breakfast items such as breads, peanut butter and jelly, cereals, and donuts up all day for additional snacking.


We take great pride in our staff. Understanding the key to our success is the people we employee and allow to be the face of HSG, it is important that we screen and road test the people we hire. We have a unique job that entails rigorous scheduling, long work hours, periods away from home and a career where discretion is key.

Our staff is uniformed and well presented. They are trained to deal with adversity if such occasion arises and conduct themselves with class. Our chefs are well-trained, are encouraged to try new items and they take a lot of pride in not only flavor but presentation. Sanitation is a critical part of all our staff’s training and is stressed everyday. Our chefs are sanitation certified.


For catering we use one of our state-of-the-art Mobile Kitchens. It is important to us that we are a self-contained unit. We can’t be dependent on anyone else for us to do our job. For example, one of our 53’ units has a walk-in freezer, walk-in cooler, 80-gallon hot water heater, and 1500kW generator with 150-gallon diesel fuel tank. All of our units have stainless steel equipment and hood system with fire suppression. We carry all front of the house supplies in road cases that fit in the aisle way of the unit which allows us to carry all of our own equipment. With the ability to work off shore power or our generator, our start up time for the kitchen is less than 5 minutes. This means efficient set up and on time hot breakfast as you walk off the bus.


Presentation does not stop at the buffet. We work to set up a well-presented dressing room spread. The use of silver trays, real glassware and fully dressed tables are available as part of our set up. Another key aspect is consistency; we want to make sure items are put in the same place each time so the artists know where things are at each and every show. We understand the importance of being on time and making sure we have provided a comfortable and well-presented atmosphere.

What makes HSG different?

  • One of the things that separates HSG from the others is we simply do our job and take pride in it. We are a drama free company. We work with the buildings we are going into to arrange our set up and work directly with the local promoters and venues to make sure the event will be a success. We do not have a lot of needs from the buildings and can work around any situation from power to water to location. We also keep a low-key approach to everything; we have pretty much seen it all and just roll with the flow.
  • We can handle all aspects of our touring needs from travel to logistics. We have our own tour bus.
  • Although with our equipment, we are able to handle the largest of tours, we have worked hard the past year to put an equipment and staff model together to accommodate the small to mid-size tour with much success.
  • We take great pride in our relationships with the different venues we work in. We always make sure we leave the facility clean and treat the staff and facilities with respect. This makes the next time we come through a very easy experience.